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Baileys Harbor Range Lights


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The Baileys Harbor Range Lights were constructed in 1869. The rear range light was incorporated into a keeper’s dwelling and had a fifth-order Fresnel lens that produced a fixed white light displayed from the lantern room. The front range light was constructed 950 feet south of the rear range light and keeper’s dwelling, near the shore at the head of the harbor. This light used a steamer lens to produce a fixed red light, and mariners were told to keep the white light from the rear range light directly above the red light as they entered the harbor. The Range Lights were electrified in 1930, and in 2015 they were returned to service after being inactive for 46 years.

The Range Lights are part of The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor Ridges Park just north of Baileys Harbor. The Sanctuary charges a fee for use of the hiking trails and boardwalk, but the rear range light is open for tours during the summer.

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2301 Ridges Rd, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202